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01 August 2007 @ 03:32 am
Tucker Max  
Where are you from?

How did you hear about Tucker Max?
I was reading Maddox, and I noticed he had a link to another human. A human he acknowledged with un-hateful words, and I knew that I had to read what he had to say. I went and then I was addicted to his humor and his stories ever since.

Favorite story?
By far the Absinthe-donut story, because of the sheer destruction he wrought on the people... and the washroom. When he came out of that washroom and announced to the line-up: "I am Shiva destroyer of worlds" it still kills me with laughter to this day.

Be honest. Do you lurk or actually post on the fucking message board?
I've read the advice pages Tucker wrote, and took a lot of it to heart. Thanks to Tucker I'm a better person.

I enjoy to drink, and I'm very knowledgeable about my drinking and my limits. Then again everyone has slip ups, and I've had a few Tucker Max worthy stories that I'm very proud of.